About us


Mount Nathan Winery is a family-owned and operated Boutique Winery based in the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland.

From humble beginnings as home-brewers after migrating to Australia in 1850s the Gibson family have a history and passion for making fine wines.

The Gibson’s wine making passion flourished through George Gibson (b. 1920, Hunter Valley, NSW – d. 2010, Gold Coast, QLD), founder of Central Coast Winery Pty Ltd in the 1970s. George used the family recipes to experiment with different forms of wine-making from traditional grape to other fruit and vegetable and further experimentation with honey.

George’s only son, Peter, assisted during the experimentation by recording the findings as well as providing his thoughts, building his own passion for the crafting of wine.
After George’s move to semi-retirement in the late 1990’s, Peter decided that a change of scenery was needed to expand the family business. Through careful research into the South-East Queensland wine-making industry Peter founded Mount Nathan Winery Pty Ltd in 2002 in the picturesque Gold Coast Hinterland.

Peter and George starting the reinvention of the family style of honey wine making during the starting years of Mount Nathan Winery and had final success in 2005-6, with the creation of the honey fortified wine dubbed, Winter Original, and passed on responsibility for the expansion of this range to Peter’s eldest son Paul. The Winter Range have since proven to be exceptionally popular, with the Original winning the coveted Double-Gold Medal during the Hong Kong held China Wine Awards of 2012.
2006-7 proved to be a crucial period of Mount Nathan Winery’s growth, expanding further in the international tourism scene, the creation of the fruit infused honey wines and the release of premium fortified wines for tastings and purchase.

Sadly George passed in December of 2010, however his presence on Mount Nathan Winery remains through the results of his experiments and creative process. His last gift was his last recipe, named the Gibson’s Gold, containing 96% pure 23krt Gold Leaf, unfortunately unable to finish his last project, it fell to Peter and Paul to finish his last wine.
More recently, Peter’s daughter, Rebecca, and son-in-law, Dmitry, have returned in a full time capacity to assist in the business operations.

Mount Nathan Winery continues to strive in the creation of premium wines and providing a family-friendly establishment to domestic and international markets, employing bi-lingual staff available in English, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese, welcoming locals and visitors alike.

Paul Gibson