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History of Paulownia Tree

Paulownia tree is native to China. According to both legends and records, dating back 2600 years, people in ancient times used Paulownia Trees for various purposes. In the work Zhung Tze, it is recorded "Phoenix flew from the south sea to the north sea without perching on trees other than Paulownia and without eating anything but bamboo fruit".

The Chinese have been planting Paulownia Trees for many centuries around their dwellings in order to bring good luck and to attract the Phoenix. At present in China, intercropping with Paulownia is being carried out on some 1,300,000 hectares of land throughout the whole country.

Some other countries have also established forestry research institutes and experimental stations to conduct research on Paulownia Trees. In Australia, almost all the research has been carried out by a few individuals.

In real terms, the Paulownia Tree is really the tree of the future. It is still in the infancy stage of its development here in Australia. Interest has been slowly developing since the late 80's. The 90's has seen more people interested in growing these trees, mainly because of its unique growth rate.

Facts about Paulownia Tree

The more you look after them, the more they thrive and grow. It is fascinating to observe a young Paulownia seedling grow into a tall 'pole' in just a few short months.

In the summer months, given good growing conditions, the plant can reach up to 6 metres or 20 feet high and sometimes higher, depending on the Paulownia Tree species used. It is a known fact, that the tree can reach its fully mature stage in just 8-10 years and can produce up to 1 cubic metre of timber in that time.



Mount Nathan Winery

At the Mount Nathan Winery, we use our Paulownia Trees as an exclusive food source for our bees!

Take some time to relax... Soak up & enjoy our Paulownia Plantation views!





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